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Hey Queen! I'm Naheemah.

THE DIVINE PAUSE™ COACH | Speaker author | SELF-CARE + bURNOUT rELIEF HR + Workplace wellness cONSULTANT

Here you will find the supported path for black and brown women leaders to thrive in business and career without burnout. I help you recover and prevent burnout and create sustainable life and business habits through community, coaching, and restorative retreats to stop the cycle of generational burnout for good. Counter to cultural and societal expectations; I believe we each have the

inherent power to radically improve our health,

relationships, and career with a Divine Pause™.




                                          Ready to awaken to a life where

                          rest is productive, and joy is your new normal?

Let me show you how

Are you a Black woman in business feeling trapped in a cycle of burnout?



Ready to Uplevel Your Organizations Wellness Intiatives & Create a Workplace Culture Where Leaders Thrive?

I got you.

I’m a burnout survivor who was formerly an overworked HR executive and organizational psychologist by trade turned self-care advocate + disruptor of toxic burnout culture by purpose.  I’ve been committed to long-term burnout recovery as well as assisting others in applying sustainable burnout prevention tactics to either avoid burnout in the first place or navigate their own recovery processes. In order to halt burnout in its tracks, and address the root causes that led to it, we address all of its symptoms, including stress, overwhelm, scarcity mindset, your worthy story, and rest. This way, you will not only recover but also prevent it from happening again, in life, career, motherhood or business.

I teach people and teams how to use the daily self-care practice of a Divine Pause™, and founder of the movement and self-care community committed to creating a safe space for Black Women to thrive, ignite her rest revolution and end the cycle of generational burnout for good.

Organizations, nonprofits and educational institutions trust our team of experts including three dynamic self-care consultants called Sisters In Self-care (SIS), to help their leaders, employees, and students prioritize their wellness, create workplace cultures of belonging, and develop rare work environments that are supportive and prioritize retaining Black and indigenous people of color in leadership, while proactively addressing the impact of burnout so that we can light up the world together from a place of well-being!

  At my speaking engagements, workshops, coaching programs, and retreats, your employees and team learn:


Insights to explore the depths of self-care beyond societal expectations, conditioning and norms

to be empowered to make mindful choices that restore harmony to your life and

normalize rest as productive.

Practical self-care techniques tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle to create a self-care routine,

to prevent future burnout, regulate your nervous system, and foster sustainable well-being practices.

A deeper understanding of burnout and its impact on your overall well-being.

Learn to recognize the early warning signs, identify stress triggers,

and understand the underlying factors contributing to burnout.

Learn the art of setting boundaries in both your personal and professional life.

Discover how to say “no” without guilt, establish healthy limits, and protect your time and energy. 

Embrace a Divine Pause™ as a vital aspect of your daily self-care journey.

Learn to treat yourself with kindness, practice self-acceptance, let go of self-judgment,

be more present,  and create a safe space to

know what self-help questions to ask in each now moment to tend to your immediate self-care need. 

I understand the importance of prioritizing yourself and how burnout and stress can impact your 

mind, body, and spirit.  My speaking engagements, workshops, coaching

programs, and retreats provide a safe space for self-reflection and the knowledge, tools,

and strategies to reclaim your well-being and thrive in all aspects of your life.

My Story

As an overachiever who was consistently in overwhelm, I learned that despite my executive experience, masters degree, certifications and accolades, if I didn’t give myself full permission to be a top priority – to be my own best friend and advocate – my quality of life would continue to diminish. There was one particular moment that shook me awake to my greater purpose and now I allow my being to fuel my doing and lead the way. Click the button to read about it.

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Dear women:

We must all break free from the conditioned beliefs about ourselves and about self-care.

I know you are a trail blazing leader who wants to liberate others.

Queen, you must first…

Liberate Yourself.

our mission:

Our mission is to embolden Black women to prioritize self-care, break free from burnout, and thrive in all aspects of life.

We provide a safe and transformative space where self-care is the path to self-discovery and self-acceptance, expert guidance, and a supportive community to help women create sustainable self-care practices and embrace a Divine Pause lifestyle filled with joy, rest, fulfillment, and well-being.